TruPace Fitness M150 Treadmill

The TruPace M150 treadmill is priced well below the cost of many brand-name treadmills, but is by far the most advanced and feature-packed treadmill that TruPace Fitness offers.

The M150 treadmill contains a lot of features you would expect to see in far more expensive fitness equipment. For example, the maximum user capacity is 350 lbs. This is a great treadmill at this price considering how sturdy and well built the machine is.

Some of the features you’ll love about the TruPace M150 are:

  • Folding frame and transport wheels means the treadmill can be used and stored in a small room
  • Powerful motor allows you to go up to a speed of 10 mph and has a lifetime warranty
  • Cushioned running deck is easier on the joints than the street or park
  • Built in sound system connects to your MP3 player and plays your favorite workout tunes

TruPace Fitness was first started in Europe and has been selling fitness equipment for over 15 years. They have proven to be extremely reliable fitness machines, and have become extremely popular for their great value and features.

US consumers were bound to discover the TruPace value and quality fitness equipment sooner or later. What is surprising is that this equipment’s technology is just as advanced as its higher-priced counterparts of the current fitness equipment available in the US.

The TruPace M150 treadmill represents great value for all the features that come standard with it.

Once you step on the treadmill you will notice the cushioning that is built into the running deck. Your workout will be easier on your body, and you will experience far less impact and strain on your joints because of this cushioning.

The bright blue blacklit console shows you all the information you need to know about your workout, and is the control center where you can adjust your treadmill’s settings, such as speed and incline. You’ll be able to control these settings if you choose the manual program. You might find using this program the most, as do a lot of TruPace customers.

The speed has a range of 0.6 to 10 mph. The maximum 10 mph is very fast, so this kind of speed is used by professional and expert runners. Also, running at maximum speed is equivalent to running a 6-minute mile.

Jogging is around 6 mph, so 10 mph is more than enough for most people. There are 15 incline levels, so if you like power walking up hill or a run on the hills, this is for you.

There are 13 automated workout programs, and the manual program. These consist of 12 speed and incline programs. These will give you a speed and incline pattern depending on which one you choose. You can try one and see how well you do, then 4 weeks after regular exercising, try it again and you will find it easier, which means you have improved. The last program is a body fat test that is beneficial to users aiming for weight loss or a reduction in body fat as their fitness goal.

There is a water bottle holder, so you don’t have to stop exercising to rehydrate. The runway is so long and wide, that you’ll feel confident in every stride.

Another feature many customers cannot do without is the built in sound system called TruSound. Just plug in your Zune, iPod, or any other MP3 player and you will soon be listening to your favorite workout music.

The TruPace M150 Treadmill is perfect for walking, jogging, and running. Its excellent craftmanship will provide many years of durable use, and will drastically improve your overall health and fitness right in the comfort of your own home.

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